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From Pacific via SE Asia to South America

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News from Monika & Michal
sailing in solomons - read it, photos us here - see it!
We are in paradise... A tiny island, one of thousands in a huge beautiful lagoon with coral reefs all around. To get here we had to pass very narrow passage called Diamond Narrows, where 2 hours before us a tow ship got stuck... We had to navigate between islands and reefs. GPS and maps were useless, we made it only thanks to the "treasure map" we got from the daughter of the owners of the island, where we are now - Lola Island. There were hard moments, where we had only 1m below the boat... But it was definately worth it!

This is a little resort with only 6 cabins (huts) for guests. There is a bar on the beach, great food (including lobsters, which you have plenty in Solomons). It turned out that this island is one of the 5 top hits recomended by Lonely Planet. But guess what, there were only us on there!! :) As well as many islands all around! Wherever we get to, bays, islands, lagoons, we are there first tourists, boat for the last 1,5-2 years. And this is what is so unique about being in here as well and what we have been looking for coming here such a long way...

Plan for the day: 1. It is raining during the night, so we are catching the fresh rain water - for us this is the only source of the drinking water here. 2. Sleeping long after the party on the beach last night. 3. Waking up to watch the sun rise on the deck. 4. Swimming and exercising. 5. Reading, writing, baking bread and fixing wind power generator. 6. Taking dinghy to the coral reef and snorkling. 7. Visiting sculls islands nearby. Brr... 8. Dinner and a party on the deck...
If we don't manage to fullfill the plan, we still have the next day to do it :) This is time that we have now...

We have some different entertainments and threats than back home. Like watching from the beach or deck sharks swiming nearby by the sun set. No worries - this is only a reef shark and is not interested in people - not tasty... ;) they look fantastic when you look down on them while snorkling.
Crocodiles are already a different story. In some lagoons, especially where there are mongroves on the shore, there can be many crocs. When we anchor in places like this, which is quite often, we are not swiming far from the boat and we rather take a shower on deck in a bucket than directly in the water. We are also trying to check it with the local poeple if there are crocodiles on agiven island - however answers are not always convincing for us... So far so good! :)

Watching flying fish is another great thing that we do every day! :) then watching eagles flying abover the sea and islands, then we meet every day, my favourite, huge turtles, many dolphins, 3m long merlins, etc. But about this, I will write more later.

Rain is the only source of fresh water here for us. If we want to take a shower, we need to do it in sea water, otherwise it is fresh water shower is only possible during the rain. :) Which is also very refreshing!

We have great equipment for traveling in tropics - fast drying and breathable underware and clothes. This increases our comfort substantially. Although, now on the boat we wear only swimming suits and sunblock with 30+ filter, which we have a lot too little...

Behind us already New Georgia Island, Kolombangara Island - always in clouds and with a maginificent vulcano. Today we took a long passage across to the Cheusel Island. Again some new guests in canoes, who came to welcome us and trade with us some fruits or carvings againts clothes, pens, copy books or rise. Everyone extremely friendly and even shy. Those poeple here lost everything in tsunami and they need literally everything... But about this more next time... :)