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News from Monika & Michal
Our first story and photos online
The last few weeks were very active for us and full of work - finalising things at work, preparing things for the wedding and our trip... Now, we are in Sydney, unfortunately, not sunny but cold winter Sydney... :(

However, this city means a lot to us. This is Monia's favourite city in the whole world, where she was studying and working 5 years ago. We are beginning our year-long trip here and this where we are going to celebrate Monia's birthday.

Sydney is for us also some sort of a bus stop, where we are changing buses between 2 worlds.

Between the world back home, full of rush, always with a calendar in hands and notorious lack of time. But also world full of our family, friends, meetings and conversations.

The world that we are taking a new bus to now, is the world of traveling and adventure. It is a total oposition of our previous world back home. We have no calendar here, many things can be missing or late, but the only thing that we have here is TIME. "Go slow!" - this is our motto now! This time, our world will be also full of meeting and conversations, but with strangers and local people. We will miss our families and friends.

Stopover in Sydney is for us, for most, the time when we are prepearing ourselves properly to our trip. We didn't find enough time for this in Warsaw and we were leaving PL really unprepeared after not sleeping the whole night before the flight, when were packing our apartment. So we are buying here literally everything - starting from underwear and shoes, finishing with a backpack and a guidebook.

Just before we left we realized that most of people we know would prepear much better than us. For us it worked out a bit different this time. This trip is supposed to be spontanous. We would like to meet local cultures where they live rather than from Lonely Planet. Our ticket is also only 1 way...

I won't be writing any more about what else was happenning before we left - documents we had to submit to the tax offices, entitlement of our families to act on our behalfs, etc.. But I would like to write a bit about the wedding and wedding party...

We were always saying and thinking together with Monia, that a wedding party was nothing important for us. However, the closer to the party the concept and our thinking were changing as well... This is the best party one could ever attend or organise!!! Under the condition, that you do it the way you want it and not you are exopected to...

Our party was better than in our deepest dreams! We will never forget it!

To be honest, only when I put my suit on and saw Monia, who looked estonishing, did I feel that it was my wedding coming up...

The wedding and the party were organised in Mazury, which we both love. Wedding party was in a agriculture place in Nowy Harsz, prepeared by Piotr and Ela Melnik - fanastic and friendly people!!! Food was prepared locally and he photos from that event you can see online on this site...

Now, we are going to Pacific - via Fiji and Honiara, we are flying to Gizom where we will join yacht Seawanhaka and then we will go sailing in Solomon Islands and PNG. This is when there will be rather no contact with us.

So ahoy! Talk to you soon and take care of yourselves for us!

Monia and Michal

Sydney, 30 june 2007